Actually Trying at the Gym

Sep 9, 2019

After spending a number of years fannying around in the gym, I decided it was the time to actually put some proper effort into my training and see what I could achieve when I really set my mind to it. I have now spent around 1.5 years tracking my progress, eating properly (calorie intake as well as protein and supplementation) and giving it my all each session. I am pleased to say I am very happy with the results.

My current body weight is around 95KG and I am roughly 12~13% body fat using online photo comparison charts.

My current stats are:

  • 152.5kg Bench Press
  • 90kg Overhead Strict Press
  • 180kg Squat
  • 220kg Deadlift


I am not following any real program aside from cycling strength and hypertrophy blocks and ensuring I am progressively overloading on each session.

I found it VERY interesting how much strict press strength is almost directly linked to how much food and water I consumed that day as well as my current body weight. As I have dropped down a few calories more recently, my max weight strict press has suffered although, strangely, the volume has not.